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Some Dealerships Have An Army of Top Talent Recruiters

How to mobilize your staff to cast a wider, well-vetted, net to multiple the number of top quality prospects for new hires!

How some auto groups...

Use an Employee Referral Program to Draw Multiple Pre-Screened Candidates:

If you don't have a good Employee Referral Program or rarely reward an Employee for a referral, it is time to implement (or reintroduce) one.

Referral hires:

  • stay longer than non-referral hires

  • assimilate more quickly

  • have greater engagement with the employer.

A Dealership’s future is only as good as the people it employs. A quality mechanical Technician can generate $20,000 or more in Service and Parts Gross Profit per month and a trained and motivated Salesperson can generate between $30,000 - $70,000 Gross Profit monthly.

If you need people to fill open spots or are adding new positions, turn your entire workforce into Recruiters. Think of your Employees’ friends, acquaintances, and family members.

One hundred Employees with an average of 150 personal connections could alert 15,000 people to your job openings. You can see the benefits when your Employees act as "recruiters" – fill job openings faster and with better candidates.

Extra benefit—your Employees see that you value their opinion, boosting Employee morale, and they get to work with people they already know and like.

If you are part of an auto group with multiple locations, inform all Employees about all open positions. They may have a relative or friend who lives close to the other location.

Design your Employee Referral Program

Incentivize the Employee who refers applicants and ultimately hire the applicant? One auto group found that the “sweet spot” to engage your Employees to promote your job openings to their acquaintances is a $1,500 bounty.

However, the incentive does not have to be money, it could be extra paid days off or an incentive you might use for hitting goals. Be creative if you don’t want

to pay cash.

However, Employees need to know which positions you want to fill and what traits and skills you want in candidates.

Some tips:

Clearly state the rewards that can be earned.

Contact EVERY referral to respect the Employee’s efforts.

Keep your Employees informed on their referrals. If you schedule an interview, let them know.

As a courtesy, if you don’t hire a referral, let your Employee know as soon as possible. Inform the rejected prospects that you won’t be hiring them, but you appreciate their interest… so they see your company as a place they may want to work someday.

Make it easy for an Employee to refer potential candidates. Have a short form for your Employees to complete to be eligible for the referral fee. Besides basic contact information, include lines to indicate how long the Employee has known the candidate and why the Employee believes said candidate would be a good fit for your Dealership.

Inform your Employees of job openings via Email, Dealership’s newsletter, attachment to paycheck stubs, signage in Employee or public places. Accept referrals all the time—not just when a position is open. Create short videos to describe specific jobs and careers, including information on whom and how to contact someone for more information.

“Employee Referral Happy Hour” Meets “Open House” Meets “Job Fair”.

Host a job fair event at your Dealership. Promote through external sources (signs, social media) or have it just for current Employees to invite candidates they think would be a good fit for job openings.

Finally, your Employees deserve recognition for referring candidates that are hired; don’t miss a chance to celebrate the success publicly, so other Employees view recommending candidates as appreciated. Recognition could be a big check during a Department meeting, a splashy mention in the company newsletter, or extra recognition during a year-end party.

If you hire well to start with... use those superior staff members to help attract more of the same!

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