2019 Yearbook Whats Working From Retail Automotive Experts

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Section 1- Financial & Enterprise Management Issues

Preparing for Huge Changes in Auto Retailing (MNB2) Alan Haig 7 

Dealership Accounting Office Health Check (MNC3) Brooke Samples 15 

Office if General Manager Health Check (MNF2) Jeff Sacks 23 

Accounts Payable & Purchasing Health Check (MNH3) Christine Andrews & Rob Campbell 31 

Dealership Staffing Metrics (MMC5) Brooke Samples 37 

Aligning Dealership Pay Plans to the Labor Market & Economy of 2019 (MML2) Brooke Samples 51 

Forward Looking Technologies for Dealerships (MMi2) Erik Nachbahr 63 

Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Dealership (MMA4) Charles Feuss J.D. 69 

What Dealers Need to Know About IRS Form 8300 (MMB3) Terri Harris 77 

End-of-Year Closing of the Books Process and Checklist (MMK5) Rob Campbell & Christine Andrews 85 

6 Internal Theft Scams that were Surprisingly Successful - Learn from the Mistakes of Others (MMH2) Rob Campbell & Christine Andrews 93

Due Diligence Essentials for Buyers and Sellers (MME1) Jonathan Wilke & Thomas England, CPAs 101 

The Legal Minefield for Auto Dealers in 2019 (MNB1) Eric Chase, J.D. 109 


Section 2 - Fixed Operations Management Issues 


How to Create a Killer Business Plan for Service (MNC1) Don Tipton 119 

How Healthy is Your Service Department? Let’s Perform a Check Up! (MMJ4) Ed Kovalchick 135 

TIME OUT Strategies and Tools to Shrink WIP and Unapplied Labor (MNA3) Rob Campbell 147

 The Habits & Practices of the Exceptional Service Manager (MMD1) Ed Kovalchick 159

Re-Engineering Express Service (MMK3) Don Tipton 167

 Auto Technicians: Finding, Recruiting & Training for Today and the Future (MMH1) Ed Kovalchick 175 

Warranty Administration Health Check (MNH2) Rob Campbell 185 

Parts Department Health Check (MNE4) Chuck Hartlé 193 

Parts Physical Inventory- Process & Health Check (MNH4) Mark Payne 201 

How to Balance the Parts Department Checkbook (MME5) Rob Campbell 207 Dealership Body Shop Health Check (MNF3) Gary Edwards 223 


Section 3 - Variable Operations Management Issues


Advanced Used Car Management Heath Check (MNE3) Ed French 235 

F&I Process & Compliance Health Check (MNE1) Becky Chernek & Ted Ings 249

Ride Share Opportunities for Auto Dealers (MNC4) Brian Benstock 255 

Automotive Digital Marketing Health Check (MNF4) Glenn Pasch 261 

Business Development Center Health Check (MND4) Joni Stuker 267 

How to Find, Hire and then Keep Highly Productive BDC Reps (MNA2) Joni Stuker 273 7 Point Checklist for CRM Choice & Due Diligence (MMK2) Stefan Drechsel 281

How to Manage Auto Dealership Online Reviews (MMA2) Jon Eyre & Matt Boyce 291


2019 Yearbook Whats Working From Retail Automotive Experts

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