5-Minute Guide to... Sales Success Coaching

Quick & Easy to Deploy Training Sessions for those...
Teachable Moments at your sales meetings
One-on-One Coaching of New Hires, or...
... with Underperforming Sales Team Members

For every Sales Manager, "Teachable Moments" occur every day... moments when a deficiency is noticed and an opportunity created for positive reinforcement and coaching!
"Teachable Moments" can occur one-on-one, but also as a productive addition to your regular sales meetings!
This DealersEdge Guide is packed with short lessons (typically 1 page) addressing every correctable deficiency keeping your sales team members from improvment and sales success!
Every Sales Manager looking for a convenient way to coach sales team members to success... simply must own this resource!

What's Included:

Short and focused training lesson organized into these 9 Chapters ... 140 Lessons ...

Chapter 1 - Meet & Greet
Chapter 2 - Building Rapport
Chapter 3 - Qualifying the Prospect
Chapter 4 - Presentation
Chapter 5 - Overcoming Objections
Chapter 6 - Negotiating
Chapter 7 - Closing the Sale
Chapter 8 - Delivery & Follow Up
Chapter 9 - Skills Development & Self-Motivation

In which areas does your Sales Team need some help?

Included with your purchase of this Guide, you will receive a CD containing Word files of each artcle/lesson found within. 

That's 140 Word files so that you can print out individual copies for your Sales Staff...
... or perhaps even cut & paste your own in-house "Sales Tips Newsletter".... with content you choose for today's needs of your sales team members.
Free and included with your Order!

5-Minute Guide to... Sales Success Coaching

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