6 Internal Theft Scams—Surprisingly Successful

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Featuring: Christine Andrews & Rob Campbell from WithumSmith+Brown
Air Date: August 9 2018
Program Length: 60 minutes 

Employees steal for a variety of personal motivations.., but the primary reason they steal is OPPORTUNITY!

Earning a solid and ample profit from your dealership operations is a very good thing. But often the volume of money that flows through the organization is providing too many opportunities for employees and associates to dip into the till 

Attendees of this workshop will examine real-world employee theft cases to bring to light the most common errors that caused the dealership to be vulnerable. Using various financial and departmental reports, we will examine how to find answers to problems quickly and thoroughly.

1. Learn the critical signs that something is wrong.
2. See the most common thefts in action through real-world examples.
3. Identify the weaknesses in your internal controls to better protect the dealership.
4. How to evaluate and investigate patterns of unusual activity to determine if it is (a) fraud, (b) waste or (c) really okay.
5. Building the right framework on internal controls unique to your dealership.

6 Internal Theft Scams—Surprisingly Successful

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