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Presenter: Ray Branch of The KEEPs Corporation
Air Date: August 23 2018
Program Length: 90 minutes 

Traditional Fixed Ops Pay Plans reward average performance… and if fact promote mediocrity. Better to use Key Performance Indicators to change behavior (process) to produce the gross profit goals desired.

KEEPS' data and research show that traditional service department pay plans are not driving the correct human behavior…the behavior or process needed to achieve the desired gross profit targets.

Visit with Ray Branch as he describes a scientifically proven way to motivate your service staff to new levels of performance. Learn the principles behind behavior/process management focused pay plans. These principles will convince you to junk the old traditional methods of rewarding strictly on a financial performance model. There is a better way…

You will learn:

Why Better…Exact differences between traditional pay plans and a behavior/process based approach
How…Critical tips for designing a behavior/process focused pay plan system
Implementation…The key elements of process improvement needed to move to this pay plan system
Best Practices…Data-driven and supported best practices for achieving the highest gross and net profit results
Proven Examples…How highly-skilled service managers are already using this approach to achieve consistent process and the financial improvements that result.

A Scientifically Proven & New Look at Fixed Ops Pay Plans

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