Dealership Fixed Ops - World Class Best Practices

Essays from Workshops Presented by Dealership Sales & Marketing Experts

Focusing on What is Working for Your Fixed Operations Peers

What's Inside this 200 Page Guide:

Service Management Ideas… 7 Essays taken from recent Fixed Ops Expert workshops focusing on ways to improve your service and parts business with better process.

Service Marketing Ideas… 6 Essays again from recent DealersEdge Workshops focusing on how to market your service department more efficiently and effectively.

Parts Management Ideas… 5 Essays centered on inventory management and parts department process.

Body Shop Management Ideas… 2 Essays on how to wring more profit from your body shop operations.

Human Resources for Fixed Ops… 5 Essays focusing on Basic HR skills for the Fixed Ops Manager. How to Hire. How to Fire. How to motivate to higher levels of performance.

CHAPTER 1 - Service Management Ideas

7 Absolutely Essential Service Management Key Performance Indicator
3 Top Game Changes for Service for Focused & Immediate Improvement
5 Keys to Avoiding the Perils of a Factory or Ext'd Warranty Audit
Service Menu Design & Profit Structuring… Art & Science
5 Sure Fire Bottom Line Builders for Service Managers
Forecasting: Your Guide for Creating Forecasts and Yield Big Results
Effective Recall Handling- Fulfill Responsibility without Killing Profit

CHAPTER 2 - Service Marketing Ideas

Service Price vs. Value - Win Service Advisors First
The Service Pricing Challenge: How to Leverage Your Competitiveness
High Customer Expectations! How to Earn Great CSI & Retention
Using a BDC in Service to Boost Service & Parts Profits
Text Marketing and Customer Communications for the Service Department
The Habits and Practices of the Exceptional Service Advisor

CHAPTER 3 - Parts Management Ideas

Re-Thinking the Parts Pricing Matrix to Maximize Profits
How to Avoid Physical Parts Inventory Horror Stories
Aging Parts Inventory…Valued Assets or Worthless Artifacts?
The Habits & Practices of the Exceptional Parts Manager
Advanced Parts Storage Techniques…More Storage without Costly Eqt

CHAPTER 4 - Body Shop Management Ideas

The Habits & Practices of the Exceptional Body Shop Manager
Advanced Body Shop Management… Focus on Marketing & Profits

CHAPTER 5 - Human Resources for Fixed Ops…Basic Skills

Guiding Your Team to Success…Magic of One-on-One Coaching Skills
Fearless Firing… Effective, Confident, Compassionate 
Labor Law Basics for Car Dealers… 4 Things You Need to Know
Tips on How & Why to Hire Millennials
Predicting Hiring Success for Better Auto Dealership Team

Dealership Fixed Ops - World Class Best Practices

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