Dealership Money-Manager's Playbook - World Class Best Practices

Proven Strategies for Asset and Profit Management... (200+ Pages)

Learn what the best Dealership Financial Managers are doing to....

-Nurture and Protect the Dealership's Assets
-Maximize Profit and ROI
-Take Advantage of New Savings and Money-Making Opportunities
-Protect the Value of the Automotive Enterprise

This Guide contains Executive Summaries of 24 Senior Dealership Management Topics... all drawn from DealersEdge Workshops featuring a team of Industry Experts... each a specialist in their field.

Here's What's Included:

Financial Controls & Analysis

-Accounting Office Consolidation for Multi-Location Dealer Groups
-How to Manage the Balance Sheet & Turn Paper Profits Into Hard Cash
-How to Maintain Your Focus on Expense Controls... Even in the Good Times
-How, Why & When to Create Your Own Captive Insurance Company
-Which Government Agencies are Targeting Auto Dealers...How to Reduce Exposure

Financial Controls & Analysis- Focus on Fixed Ops

-The Service Pricing Challenge: How to Leverage your Competitiveness
-5 Keys to Avoiding the Perils of Factory or Extended Warranty Audits
-Re-thinking the Parts Pricing Matrix to Maximize Profits
-Aging Parts... Valued Assets or Worthless Artifacts?
-How to Avoid Physical Parts Inventory Nightmares... Getting Acct'g & Parts on Same Page

Managing Dealership Information Systems & Costs

-Dealership Technology Requirements for Increased Productivity in 2016-17
-CyberSecurity... Evaluating Your Risks & Protecting the Dealership
-Independent CRMs vs the DMS CRMs? How to Make an Informed Choice...
-Gillrie Reports: How to Guard Against Sudden DMS Price Increases & Policy Changes

Building & Protecting the Value of the Business

-How Your Dealership Business Plan May be Eroding Future Enterprise Value
-Dealership Valuation... "Blue Sky" is NOT What it Used to Be
-Big Themes from the Kerrigan "Blue Sky Report"

Nurturing Your Most Important Asset - Your Team

-Guiding Your Team to Success... The Management Magic of One-on-One Coaching
-Tips on How and Why to Hire Millennials (GenY) for Your Dealership
-Predicting Success With a Better Hiring Process
-Employment Law for Car Dealers... 4 Things you Need to Know
-Fearless Firing... Effective, Confident & Humane...and Staying Out of Trouble

Dealership Money-Manager's Playbook - World Class Best Practices

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