Dealership Sales & Marketing Management... What's Working... What's New...2015

Essays from Workshops Presented by Dealership Sales & Marketing Experts Focusing on What is Working for Your Peers


1. Zero in on What Your Peers in other dealerships are doing to enjoy fantastic sales and profit growth…
2. Sharpen and Hone Your Basic, But Critical, Management Skills
3. Discover the Habits & Practices of the Very Best Dealership Sales, BDC and Marketing Managers
4. 125+ Pages of Essays Drawn from the Content of Recent DealersEdge Workshops as presented by Auto Industry Experts!

Essays Included in this 125+ Page Collection:
CHAPTER 1 - What's Working in Sales Mgt…

5 Biggest Bottom Line Opportunities for Sales Mgrs
Fixing the F&I Bottleneck W/O Killing Profits
Why 70% of All U.C. Depts Underperform
Top 10 Digital Marketing Mistake for Auto Dealers
How to Reconcile Sales & CRM Gross to the Acct'g Gross

CHAPTER 2 - Basic Management Skills for Sales & Mktg Mgrs…

Get the Best from Your Team with One-on-One Coaching
Step-by-Step Forecasting Guide that Gets Results
Effective Pay Plan Formulas
What's New in Pre-Employment Screening

CHAPTER 3 - Habits & Practices of the Best Sales & Mktg Managers

Habits & Practices of Exceptional Used Vehicle Mgrs
Habits & Practices of Exceptional BDC Mgrs
Habits & Practices of Exceptional F&I Mgrs

CHAPTER 4 - BDC Management Concepts…

Best Practices for Building Your BDC
Hiring & Training Dealership BDC Reps
Top 5 Steps to Ensure Immediate BDC Mgr Improvements

Dealership Sales & Marketing Management... What's Working... What's New...2015

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