Financial Statement Analysis for Dealership Department Managers

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Workshop Info:


Presenter: Ron Sompels, CPA & Partner-in-Charge at Crowe Horwath LLP Retail Dealers 
Original Air Date: January 26, 2012
Program Length: 90 minutes


Learn how dealers, GMs & their CPAs read the financial statement for your department. Knowing what they look for will better equip you for department improvement.

Most dealership department managers look at their store’s financial statements as though they are written in a foreign language. That’s because few of them have any training in how to read an income statement and the various analytical reports that support the statements. You can obtain a certain level of understanding of how this reporting works just by meeting with the dealer and GM, but often there is a lot more that you can learn that will help both you as the manager and the dealership as a whole. Ron Sompels is a CPA with Crowe Horwath LLP and will join us on for an in-depth look at dealership financial statements. His goal will be to provide you with a greater understanding of this report and how you can use the monthly data to improve your department's financial performance. If you are at all ambitious about your career and the advancement of your department, this is a "must attend" webinar.

Financial Statement Analysis for Dealership Department Managers

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