How the "All Makes/All Models" Business Plan Can Succeed in Your Service Dept.

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Workshop Info:


Presenter: Greg Criss
Original Air Date: January 3, 2013
Program Length: 90 minutes


Aftermarket retailers are making tons of money with this model, yet most dealerships continue to struggle. Learn the secrets of those dealerships successful with "All Makes/All Models." 

If you are not already convinced that this market has a lot of potential, consider just a few stats… The average family has 2.5 vehicles in the driveway. And the average age of vehicles on the road has steadily increased to over 11 years old.

Yet most dealerships are almost totally focused on servicing their own make.

Some dealerships have mastered the changes in organization, mindset and marketing that encourages more and more "other-brand' vehicles into their shops. And they are doing so very profitably!

In this Webinar you will learn how you can tap into this high-profit market as well.

You will learn:


  • How to create a comprehensive & successful plan to service "All Makes/All Models"
  • How to identify which technicians to devote to this segment 
  • Which aftermarket parts you need to stock
  • Getting Service Advisors & Salespeople to 'buy in' to the concept
  • How to massage pay plans to fit the "All Makes/All Models" effort
  • How to craft and target marketing for the best results 

How the "All Makes/All Models" Business Plan Can Succeed in Your Service Dept.

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