Independent Auto CRMs vs. DMS CRMs? How to Make an Informed Choice

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: Thursday February 25, 2016
Featuring: Stefan Drechsel of The Paul Gillrie Institute
Program Length: 60 Minutes


CRMs are a vital part of your sales and customer relationship efforts. But they also have many moving and interrelated parts…making choices difficult to analyze…

There is little argument… today's dealership sales environment demands a good functioning CRM that works and plays well with your other systems and your staff.

It can get very confusing for a non-technical person to judge where the best choice lies. Should you look to independent CRM providers… or stick to the CRM offered by your DMS vendor?

Stefan Drechsel offers some his expert guidance via this workshop.

You will learn:


  • The Key items and attributes to consider in a CRM
  • What CRM vendors are in your market and how do they differ
  • When to stick with your DMS provider's CRM…when not to…
  • What questions to ask…what answers to demand

Independent Auto CRMs vs. DMS CRMs? How to Make an Informed Choice

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