Key Performance Indicators for Parts Managers

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: November 14, 2013
Presenter: Rob Campbell and Sebastian Banchitta of The Mironov Group
Program Length: 60 Mins


Knowing how to read, analyze and then create workable business strategies to impact these numbers is an important part of the Parts Managers job. 

Join Rob Campbell and Se for an examination of the Parts Section of the Financial Statement with an eye to both understanding how these numbers are calculated and how they should impact your management priorities. 

Learning the secrets of the Financial Statement & other key performance indicators can help Parts Managers become more efficient in how they plan for growth and profit improvement.

You Will Learn:


  • How to measure the "quality" of your parts inventory
  • How to reconcile your actual Inventory to the G/L Inventory value
  • How to treat the disease of "obsolescence"…not the symptoms
  • The "right" Parts to Labor Ratio
  • Monthly vs Trend Analysis…which is better

Key Performance Indicators for Parts Managers

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