Safeguard Your DMS - FTC Enforces Against Dealer Because of Exposed Data

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Workshop Info:


Presenter: Erik Nachbahr, President of Helion Technologies
Original Air Date: August 16, 2012
Program Length: 100 minutes


Using Federal Privacy laws and Safeguard regs, the FTC has finally honed in on auto dealers and the mountain of consumer data available in their systems. "Peer-to-Peer" software, often installed by unwitting employees, is central to the breach and enforcement.

Learn what you can do to protect against similar enforcement and to protect your customer's privacy and data.

Federal laws and regulations aimed at safeguarding critical consumer data have been around a few years. Newer to the scene is the growth of P2P, file sharing, software applications. The Georgia dealer recently in the news was found to have P2P software on dealership work stations and this led to having private customer information for 95,000 consumers unknowingly available online.

The critical data made available included names, addresses, Social Security Numbers, dates of birth and drivers license numbers! Ouch!

Erik Nachbahr is an expert on system security in general, and in how to implement these protections on and in dealership systems in particular. He joins us for this important Webinar to discuss the recent FTC enforcement and what you can do now to prevent the same happening in your stores.

You will learn:


  • The importance of "locking down" your PCs so that P2P software applications cannot be installed
  • How a "Smartfilter" can limit access to the Internet and prevent access to known "bad" sites
  • The importance of having the right "firewall" in place to prevent unauthorized access to your system
  • The value of "P2P Blocking Applications" - Symnatec has ID'd over 50 suspect P2P software applications that should be blocked
  • Why limiting local admin access should be part of your compliance program
  • The danger of having employees bring their own devices for use on the dealership's system
  • The primary elements of compliance with Federal law are regulation in this area.

Safeguard Your DMS - FTC Enforces Against Dealer Because of Exposed Data

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