Tune the New Vehicle Departments to Spot Weaknesses and Supercharge Results

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Workshop Info:


Presenter: Brooke Samples
Original Air Date: June 21, 2012
Program Length: 90 minutes


Are your New Vehicle Departments operating at peak efficiency and profits? Just how would a knowledgeable "outsider" measure and analyze this key profit center? Let's find out!

Sometimes we are just too close to our own businesses to be able to get a clear picture of just what is going right and where we are totally off track.

But outside consultants take a different approach, and one that you can benefit from. They follow a process of investigation and observation that will lead them to what are often obvious problems that require addressing.

Visit with us via this Webinar as Brooke Samples outlines just what she looks for as she dissects a dealership's new vehicle departments. What financial indicators does she focus on? How does she take the financials and use this information to pin-point potential problem areas? And what observations does she employ to help her narrow down her search for a more efficient sales process and greater profits.

Join us for this installment of the DealersEdge Profit Center Health Check Up Series….

Tune the New Vehicle Departments to Spot Weaknesses and Supercharge Results

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