What Auto Dealers Can Learn from Dealership Analytics & “Moneyball” Strategies

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Featuring: Rob Ristagno CEO of the Sterling Woods Group
Program Length: 60 minutes 

Like “Baseball Analytics” – You Can “Moneyball” Growth and Opportunity via Intelligent Dealership Data Mining. And it’s easier than you might think. 


Learn how to find the Gold in your data no matter what you already do… or don’t do.  As Major League Baseball learned, you can spend a lot of time, effort and money trying to mimic the success of others…yet still miss the mark.  


Better solution:  Your customer data tells a great story.  Learn to listen to it to find nuggets no one is paying attention to. Then develop low-risk, high-reward strategies that turn old data into new revenue.

Rob Ristagno will Show You:

  • How to Build Business  Playbooks that turn sales customers into service customers >>> then into repeat service customers  >>> then into sales customers again.

  • How to use  readily available data to maximize profits from your best customer types

  • How to Stop Wasting time and money on marginal customers

  • How to Organize your “Scorecard” so you can keep learning from your data

  • How to Maximize your Opportunities using your Own Data

Learn the “tells” that identify the customers that will produce the largest life time value.

What Auto Dealers Can Learn from Dealership Analytics & “Moneyball” Strategies

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