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Learning Kit: Reconciling Sales Commissions
Just $39 and Shipping is FREE

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How to Reconcile the Differences and educate each other to reduce misunderstanding, mistrust and sometimes all-out inter-departmental warfare.

The scene gets played out every month in some dealerships. Sales Managers frustrated and angry, feeling that Accounting is cheating them out of their hard-earned commissions.

Controllers and Accounting Staff become indignant that their Financial Statement summaries are not trusted and accepted.


All on a USB Flash Drive

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Plug and Play from your Laptop

Flash Drive has files for:


  • MP4 Video-Play from Drive... no streaming

  • MP3 Audeo-Play in background while doing other things

  • PDF of a print Executive Summary Report

  • PDF of presentation slide for note taking

All on one labeled USB Flash Drive

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Plug and Play Audio in Your Car

Same Flashdrive loads into most newer cars to Display and Play from the Sound System

Allows you to reclaim idle drive time into a solitary learning retreat... where you catch up with cutting edge professional updates... without the daily work demands and distractions!

There are few times left in life to devote to your professional knowledge base... except this one!

Simple Instructions for Use are Included with Your Learning Kit USB Flash Drive

Our Standard Money-Back Guarantee if Not Fully Satisfied!

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