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Automotive Controller

Skills Library 

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All Skill Programs Below… All in Video, Audio and Print… All on a Single USB Drive… Plus Print Manual



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Print Copies of Each Topic Detail

Report and Session Handouts


All Skill Library Resources and Files on a Single USB Flash Drive

Library Controllers USB Drive.PNG



Includes Video and Audio Files from each expert’s presentation plus PDF Files of the Topic Report and Session Handouts

2 Ways to Receive this DealersEdge
Controller’s Skills Library...

Purchase a Set of 12 for $350

You Save $118. Each Skill Topic can be purchased individually for $39 each... That’s like getting 3 Free when you buy the complete Auto Controller’s Skill Library.

Bonus: When you purchase this Skills Library, you will also receive a FREE 30-Day Membership to ALL DealersEdge Management Education Resources... Over 300 Valuable Topics to Help your dealership run moreefficiently and profitably!

And Shipping is Free to the U.S. and Canada!

Receive this Package of Controller Resources for FREE…

Become a Single-Rooftop or Multi-Rooftop Annual DealersEdge Member and we will send you this $350 Resource Package absolutely FREE.

In addition to the benefits contained in this Controller’s Skill Library, you will receive….

  • All-the-Time No Charge Access to over 300 Dealership Management Skill Programs

  • Single-Rooftop Members get unlimited access to all employees at your individual location

  • Multi-Rooftop Members get up to 50 individual log-in accounts- no location limits

  • For just pennies a day, you can supply vital skill training for all of your team members

  • The benefits you can achieve from just one idea, from one resource topic will give you an ROI of hundred’s times cost of Membership

  • You will join over 2,500 other dealership professionals learning and leading with the help of this “best in the business” collection of skill improvement resources


single rooftop
multiple rooftop

Become an Annual Member and Receive the Controller’s Skill Library – Online – Multi-Media USB Drive – In Print Manual



$697 / Year
Multiple Users
Save $131


$1197 / Year
Multiple Locations
Up to 50+ Users

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Our Standard Money-Back Guarantee if Not Fully Satisfied!

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