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Vehicle Status Update | Why How When

Vehicle Status Update

By Don Tipton

Often mishandled or even ignored… keeping the customer updated regarding their repair or maintenance experience is vital. You certainly do not want to over-communicate… but you do want to avoid having a customer frustrated by your lack of communication…  

On CSI Surveys, lack of contact from the service department is the #1 Complain

The Status Update

On CSI Surveys, lack of contact from the service department is the #1 Complaint. Clearly you have much opportunity here. Not only can you improve your CSI scores and all that entails, but you can also put yourself and your dealership head and shoulders above your competitors.

Word track: Take this track, or adapt it to your style, but do communicate your intent to keep them informed and updated.

Word track

Best Practices:

  • Always be the first one to initiate contact. Letting the customer call you will, in most cases, end up in voicemail. It will frustrate the customer and will cause an interruption of your workflow. Try your utmost to be proactive.  Reach out to the customer, before he or she reaches out to you.

  • Always give them a specific time. Then work to make sure you reach out earlier, even if just to let them know that you have nothing new at the present. In those cases, establish another Status Update Time.

  • Every customer should leave with the Service Advisor’s business card with the Status Update Time written on the back. The business card identifies you by name. If she or he do need to call, they will know who to ask for. The card will remind them of the Status Update Time, and they will expect your contact. Finally, the business card often will be saved for future reference. Now the Customer has a friend and Trusted Advisor at the dealership.

  • Stay in control of Customer Expectations. Tell them what you can do. Do not let them imagine expectations of what will happen next.

  • Always, always, always keep the customer informed. When they come to pick up the vehicle, there should be no surprises.

This is just a tidbit from a New DealersEdge Guide authored by Don Tipton. In this Guide, Don offers expert coaching advice with the goals of:

  • Increased Hour Per R.O. without a "Hard Sell" approach

  • Improvement in Customer Retention for both Service and Sales

  • Becoming the Service Customer's "Go To" Trusted Advisor

Guide to Service Advisor Success

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