5 Keys to Avoiding Perils of Factory and Extended Warranty Audits

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: October 1, 2015
Featuring: Rob Campbell
Program Length: 90 Minutes

The growing number of CPO - Extended Warranty Covered- vehicles places a new layer of opportunity for fraudulent claiming by overly aggressive technicians and customer-facing advisors and supervisors.

The growing threat of an audit of your Extended Warranty related repairs and claims brings the issue of sub-standard decision making and repair documentation back to the here and now.

Fraudulent or error-filled claims could cause violations that could cost the dealership in 6-figure charge backs… and in rare instances additional civil or criminal difficulties.

Where the problems start:

1.Advisors not willing to make the customer pay for a not-covered item…path of lease immediate resistance…
2.Technicians that become skilled at "penciling" a repair so that it adds more flat rate hours to his/she paycheck. Someone else pays…so who cares?
3.Advisor and management pay plans that could be judged to encourage the bending of the rules.
4.Lack of management concern for all the above

You will:



  • Review a Repair/Claim Documentation Check List… How Recalls & P.P. Maint complicate warranty record keeping
  • Learn how to spot potential violations and self audit
  • Discover how modern technology and electronic record-keeping gives auditors more complete control
  • Develop a culture that does not tolerate expanding the rules for self-benefit
  • Rest Easier knowing that your repair/claim documentation is in better shape to face the auditors

5 Keys to Avoiding Perils of Factory and Extended Warranty Audits

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