Internal Dealership Controls to Prevent Theft and Embezzlement

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Internal Dealership Controls to Prevent Theft and Embezzlement
Auto dealers are routinely surprised and shocked at how a trusted employee could have stolen so much without obvious detection.

Learn about Internal Controls that can help prevent employees putting their hands in the till. 
This Multi-Media Learning Kit will explore:
  • Asset Misappropriation - 89% of known cases - median loss $140K
  • Financial Statement Fraud - 10% of cases, but a median loss of $800K
  • Bribery and other Conflicts of Interest -  38% of known cases with a median loss of $250K
  • How to ID and Prevent each of the above.
Kit is Immediately Available Online, but will also be mailed (FREE Shipping) with all files on a USB Flash drive for your convenience! 

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