6 Keys to a Digitally Efficient and Profitable Used Car Operation

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6 Keys to a Digitally Efficient and Profitable Used Car Operation

The current Road to the Sale is a linear, step-by-step process with almost all steps completed in the Showroom.  In the Post-CV world customers are seeking a new, better and faster process… one NOT requiring so much time and process.


This is what the “Road to the Sale” typically looked like:


Greeting… Needs Assessment… Vehicle Selection… Trade Appraisal… Purchase Options… Finance Presentation… Delivery.


What seems very tidy and simple was actually very complicated and time consuming.  In fact if you fully express the steps actually included in the Road to the Sale, you can identify 12 steps and interactions needed to complete a deal.  Alarmingly it has been found to take an average of over 200 minutes to go from Greeting to Delivery.


In the Post-CV world, today’s prospects will be seeking out auto dealers that have successfully streamlined this process… with many of the 12 steps being completed remotely and online.


Join Ed French as he provides a blueprint for re-thinking the Road to the Sale in a Post CV environment.

Back to Basics Learning Kit: Digitally Efficient Used Car Operation



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