Career Paths for Service Advisors & Techs

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: March 13, 2014
Presenter: Greg Criss
Program Length: 90 minutes


How to create a Career Path for positions that do not appear to have one. Learn how recognition and career advancement are better motivators than money alone.

You can't fault service and advisors from wondering…"Where do I go from here?"

Traditionally, dealership fixed operations does not provide for many avenues that the rank and file can aspire to. That usually results in the dealership using the pay plan as the primary motivator. But it is also clear that employee recognition and career advancement rank higher than money as a primary motivator.

Fixed Ops expert Greg Criss says that dealerships can improve employee retention and morale, as well as attract better applicants by offering a clear career path…a way for them to move up in the business.

You Will Learn:


  • How to help technicians and service advisors set achievable career goals
  • Ways to identify an employee's knowledge base, skills and other usable assets
  • An easy-to-use method for creating accurate job descriptions
  • The role of "special projects" in career pathing
  • How to start a coaching/mentoring program for service employees

Career Paths for Service Advisors & Techs

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