Dealership Controllers: How to Financially Triage Key Departments

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: March 19, 2015
Presenter Rob Campbell & Christine Andrews
Program Length: 80 Minutes


Poor Performance in Sales, Service, Parts or the Business Office is often hidden by root causes that lie beneath the surface. Learn the keys to identifying… and then curing less than satisfactory financial performance.

The role of today's Automotive Controller goes way beyond the counting of the beans! Insightful and routine financial analysis of departmental performance can often reveal significant and hidden operational problems that are both identifiable and curable.

Visit with Rob Campbell and Christine Andrews as they focus on the key areas of "financial triage" for Sales, Service, Parts and the Business Office.

Sales, Service, Parts & the Business Office…

For Each Dept You Will Learn:


  • Which Key Measurements to Focus on
  • What "causes of poor performance" are often hidden from casual view
  • How to create an "Improvement Plan" - then Execute
  • Hints and Tips from both Chris and Rob to help Cure the problem
  • How regular attention can yield big-time profit improvements

Dealership Controllers: How to Financially Triage Key Departments

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