Effective Recall Handling… Fulfill the Responsibilities Without Killing Profits

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: March12, 2015
Presenter Greg Criss
Program Length: 75 Minutes


Massive Recall Programs are causing many service departments to suffer a significant decline in profits. Learn how some dealers are managing recall programs while preventing profit erosion and bad service lane habits.

Many low-profit … low-upsell potential … service visitors can clog up an otherwise profitable service business. You have an obligation to the customer and the mfg to perform recall repairs efficiently and honorably. 

But Greg Criss points out that you don't have to let recall overload kill your otherwise highly profitable service business.

In this session, Greg profiles successful strategies being employed at other dealerships from around the country to combat recall-related service system and profit declines.

You will learn:


  • How to determine additional staffing levels if needed to handle incoming recall-related phone contacts.
  • Why "manufacturer line teams" may make the recall process more efficient.
  • How to set-up an expedited appointment system
  • How to perform "triage" when swamped with incoming recall-related inquiries
  • How to schedule to maximize the retention opportunities of service guests you have never seen before.
  • How to maintain profits in spite of heavy demand for low-profit recall work
  • How to maintain selling discipline on the service drive… staying away from bad habits

Effective Recall Handling… Fulfill the Responsibilities Without Killing Profits

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