Getting All Auto Group Parts Mgrs of All OEMs on a Common Reporting System

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: November 20, 2014
Chuck Hartle' of PartsEdgel
Program Length: 80 minutes


How to structure parts performance measurements so that common reporting and comparisons make more sense. Yes… it can be done!

Measuring parts department performance in multi-make auto groups can be a challenge. Most will claim that the OEM parts systems are so different and diverse that they prevent Store A to Store B comparisons. Everyone seems to operate with a different set of numbers. Some say it is necessary…

Not so… says parts and inventory management guru Chuck Hartle'. In this workshop, Chuck will describe and detail for you a process for creating a suite of very basic measurements and reports that allow for comparisons from one store to another regardless of the OEM each dealership represents.

You will learn:


  • About Common Sourcing that will aid cross-store comparisons and communication
  • How to set up Standard Reporting and criteria to help manage results, regardless of OEM
  • How to review and adjust Source Accounting to keep critical Asset Accounts in line
  • How to employ common measurements and terms to avoid cross-brand confusion and disputes

Getting All Auto Group Parts Mgrs of All OEMs on a Common Reporting System

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