Habits and Practices of the Exceptional Parts Manager

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: March 5, 2015
Presenter: Mike Nicholes
Program Length: 60 Minutes


Parts Managers control a lot of dealership money and capital… They are also Key Players impacting how smoothly & profitably your service department will run. Learn how the best Parts Managers in the business get it done every day.

While few in the dealership fully understand the complexities of the Parts Manager's responsibilities, they are a critical cog in the successful functioning of the entire Fixed Operations side of the business.

In addition, they control a ton of money and can make or lose much of that money if they do not apply themselves adequately to the tasks at hand.

Some do the job exceptionally well… they stand head and shoulders above their peers. Join us as Mike Nicholes uses his vast experience and expertise to profile the talents and abilities necessary to be considered an Exceptional Parts Manager.

You will learn:


  • About the Parts Manager's role as a Money Manager
  • About the Pts Mgr's #1 Responsibility and how the best stay focused
  • About the necessary skills and aptitudes needed for parts management success
  • How Exceptional Parts Mgrs work in tandem with other managers and departments
  • How the best have mastered the control of obsolescence and its potential losses
  • How Parts Mgrs can add value to the whole dealership and its overall goals

Habits and Practices of the Exceptional Parts Manager

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