Habits & Practices of Exceptional BDC Managers

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: January 20, 2015
Presenter Joni Stuker
Program Length: 70 minutes


Some BDCs Succeed Beyond Expectations… Others Flounder or even Fail. The Difference is almost always the Manager. The Exceptional BDC Mgr makes it work!

Joni Stuker is a BDC pro with decades of experience and know-how when it comes to what makes a dealership BDC succeed. Join us for a 60-minute workshop where Joni will outline the habits and practices that make some BDC Managers stand out as Exceptional.

You will learn how Exceptional BDC Mgrs all have Habits like these built into their work day routines:


  • Set an effective Daily Work Plan
  • Understand and practice the Power of a Live T.O.
  • Promote interaction via the "Go Green" board
  • Understand and apply the "45 Minute Rule"
  • Use Dynamic Pay Plans tied to growth
  • Achieves dealership goals thru "Self-Generating Appointments"

Habits & Practices of Exceptional BDC Managers

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