How to Avoid the Bermuda Triangle of Advertising Expense in Your Dealership

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: July 18, 2013
Presenter: Jim Flint - President & Founder of Local Search Group
Program Length: 75 Minutes.


Do you sometimes feel like you simply MUST advertise to stay competitive…but really have no idea if you are spending wisely and effectively? 

Now get some answers!

Jim Flint is an expert in analyzing dealership advertising spends to determine if the budget is being employed with maximum positive impact on dealership sales and profits. 
Visit with Jim Flint via this Webinar and learn to get firm control over advertising choices and expenditures. Learn how to advertise with confidence!

You will learn:


  • How to gain more control over advertising expenditures in your store
  • How to determine if your advertising dollars are spent effectively
  • How to prioritize advertising spend to maximize the return on investment
  • How to allocate resources - especially given that "cost/sale" is far more important than "cost/lead"

How to Avoid the Bermuda Triangle of Advertising Expense in Your Dealership

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