How to Build a Killer Business Plan for Service

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Featuring: Don Tipton
Program Length: 80 Minutes

No Coasting… How to Become a Service Business Builder

Benjamin Franklin said:

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

Start Planning: become a Fixed Operations Business Builder and not just a caretaker.

Join this presentation of Don Tipton’s popular workshop as he shows you how to create a bold, but very achievable Business Plan for your Service Department.

Don will show you:


  • How to identify areas in your service operation ripe for improvement
  • How to analyze the 'structure' of your Service Dept… the staff and resources to capitalize on those opportunities
  • How to set a net profit objective compatible with your 'structure' or vice versa
  • How to determine if your 'process' is compatible with your goals
  • How to create a 'marketing plan' to help your meet your objectives
  • How to keep it all on track for the entire year

How to Build a Killer Business Plan for Service



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