How to Detect and Prevent Internal Theft

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Workshop Info: 

Air Date: Thursday June 22 2017 at 1pm Eastern/ Noon Central/ 11am Mountain/ 10am Pacific
Featuring: Brooke Samples
Program Length: 90 Minutes

It is almost always the long-term and very trusted employee that ends up stealing the most. Common sense detection and prevention techniques… 

We all would like to think that this type of horror and disappointment won’t happen here… to us! But it is that very trust that makes you vulnerable. Let’s get a handle on this before it’s too late!

Unfortunately, we have learned that, given the opportunity, some dealership employees (even those who are long term valued team members… and seemingly very loyal) can and will steal. And sometimes they can be “good people” just caught in a bad situation.

Now… Which ones? And how do you stop this before temptation gets the better of them?

You Will Discover:


  • 2 most important steps you can take today to reduce opportunities for employees to steal
  • In which dealership departments are you most likely to find theft and/or embezzlement
  • Why your most trusted and long-term employees should receive even greater scrutiny
  • How to identify theft/risk areas and how to prioritize countermeasures
  • How to stop the losses and save good people from self-destruction

How to Detect and Prevent Internal Theft

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