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Workshop Info:


Air Date: July 25, 2013
Presenter: Joni Stuker of Owner Connect LLC
Program Length: 75 Minutes 


The easiest way to generate leads is to buy them! But it might not be the most effective.

But either way, it makes no sense to by-pass legitimate and workable Prospecting Strategies to capture sales opportunities before they start shopping. Joni will show you…

You will learn:


  • How to identify and maximize results from your "Circle of Influence"
  • How to maximize results from the "Service to Sales" strategy
  • How to identify "orphans" and complete a successful adoption
  • How to use "Equity Alerts" to prompt more interest
  • How to use incidental contact with prospects to get them in the buying mood

How to Generate Your Own Sales Leads by Effective Prospecting Via the BDC

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