How to get to 30% Net-to-Gross…A Plan Based on Dealership Case Studies

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Workshop Info:


Presenter: Steve Nickelsen and Steve Probst of Nickelsen Partners
Original Air Date: January 19, 2012
Program Length: 100 minutes

How other dealers and dealer groups are achieving and maintaining 30% Net-to-Gross. If they can…You can too!

The long-established performance benchmark of "30% Net-to-Gross" remains elusive to many dealerships. Gross Profit pays the bills, but it doesn't take a financial wizard to understand that the ultimate goal is a healthy bottom line - net profit. So just how do you adjust and organize your dealership to achieve the 30% Net-to-Gross mark? Nickelsen Partners has been studying this benchmark goal to see just how some dealerships and dealer groups are hitting the mark consistently. Steve Nickelsen will present an action plan that you can employ in your store based on the established success of other dealers.

How to get to 30% Net-to-Gross…A Plan Based on Dealership Case Studies

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