How to Increase Sales and Profits from CPO Vehicles

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: Thursday April 7, 2016
Featuring: Jim Flint
Program Length: 60 Minutes


How technology can help beat the competition in Certified Pre-Owned Market

The importance of the Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) business is undeniable. But as we all know by now, because of Internet-based selling platforms, used vehicles are no longer unique… they have become a commodity. And winning against the competition for these sales has more to do with getting to the customer quickly, with more impact and at the right market-determined price.

Visit with Jim Flint as he reveals some technology nuggets that can help you compete successfully for CPO customers and sales.

Key Presentation Takeaways:


  • Utilize technology to yield improved visibility and profits
  • Set up a VDP Filter (Vehicle Detail Page) through Google Analytics
  • How to dynamically showcase CPO inventory on Google
  • Utilize VDP enhancements through inventory images
  • Reset the market's bottom pricing each week
  • …and the "Dirty Little Secret" about CPO

How to Increase Sales and Profits from CPO Vehicles

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