How to Run your Store(s) by the Numbers…The Data-Driven Advantages

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: January 30, 2014 
Presenter: Sandi Jerome
Program Length: 70 minutes


Running your automotive enterprise strictly by the financial statement can lead to the wrong operational conclusions. Learn the art of "Operational Data Analysis" to gain true bottom line growth and efficiency.

Your DMS is a great tool, but few dealerships get the maximum benefit from the reams of numbers it produces. Much of this misdirection comes from the established need to produce an approved and technically official financial statement.

But the financial statement can hide, or even misrepresent, operational issues, problems and even opportunities. Join us as Sandi Jerome examines the differences between "Financial Accounting" and "Operational Data Analysis" and how understanding and using operational data can improve the profit picture at your dealership or group.

You Will Learn:



  • Why and How your DMS often buries the really useful data
  • How to identify, extract and then analyze DMS data for operational advantages
  • How managing strictly by the "Financial Statement" can be financially harmful
  • Examples of "Operational Data Analysis" and how to apply to your organization
  • The Top 10 Loss Risk Areas resulting from Financial Accounting myopia

How to Run your Store(s) by the Numbers…The Data-Driven Advantages

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