How to Strap a Rocket to Your Used Car Department

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Air Date: Tuesday July 19, 2016
Featuring: Steve Nickelsen

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The 10 Keys to Unlocking Your True Used Car Potential

"…50 to 75% fail to fully capitalize on their used car potential." Steve Nickelsen

Is your Used Car Department producing up to its potential? Could it be better… a lot better? If you think there just might be room for improvement and a lot more profit available… we do to! Please read on…

Through years of research and working with hundreds of dealerships in the U.S. and Canada, Steve Nickelsen has discovered that most dealerships have huge upside potential for growth in the Used Car Department.

Steve has discovered that to really excel and realize your true potential… a used car manager needs to work for excellence in 10 Key areas.

The typical underperforming dealership will have mastered 2, 3 or 4 of the Nickelsen 10 Keys. But those who see their sales and profits from used vehicles take off like a rocket, learn to pay close attention to all 10.

Steve joins us for this special Online Workshop Presentation and promises to tell and show you how to "Strap a Rocket to Your Used Car Department! 

Visit with us for 30 minutes… then explore and then achieve your True Used Car Potential! Steve will provide you the tools to help strap a rocket to your used vehicle operations!

How to Strap a Rocket to Your Used Car Department

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