Learn How Some Dealers are Winning Big in Today’s COVID-19 Effected Used Car Mar

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Featuring: Ed French from AUTOPROFIT
Air Date: April 16 2020
1pm Eastern/ 12pm Central / 11am Mountain / 10am Pacific
Program Length: 60 minutes 

Spend a little time with Ed and Learn what the top Used Vehicle Departments are doing to improve and sometimes dominate the used car business in their markets.

The Used Vehicle Marketplace has changed dramatically in the last decade. Competing for business with an old process may be comfortable… but is also likely to put you in a severe disadvantage with other dealers that have a more advanced process.

The efficient used car markets of today are heavily influenced by the Internet and the knowledgeable and savvy customers it creates.

Big Box competitors and some sophisticated dealers have adapted well to this new market landscape. But, many more traditional dealers have lagged… maintaining old inefficient used car business formulas.

The old “road to the sale” worked well for many years… today it could be holding you back from taking full advantage of the new market realities.

Let’s examine what the best used car operations are doing to capitalize on this more efficient digital selling environment and today’s “in control” customers.

Let’s take a detailed look at what it takes to compete in the New Used Vehicle

Learn How Some Dealers are Winning Big in Today’s COVID-19 Effected Used Car Mar

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