New Spear Phishing Threat! Reduce the Risk of an Attack at Your Dealership

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Workshop Info: 

Air Date: Thursday August 10 2017 at 1pm Eastern/ Noon Central/ 11am Mountain/ 10am Pacific
Featuring: Erik Nachbahr of Helion Technologies
Program Length: 60 Minutes

Hackers & Identity Thieves get more sophisticated… achieving trust via information found on Social Media- Auto dealerships are an attractive target.

As more and more people have been alerted and cautioned not to click on email sent from someone they do not know, cyber criminals have sharpened their approach.

Learn how this new version of Spear Phishing gets past your well-earned distrust of “strange email” by targeting social media-involved individuals within your auto dealer organization.

Erik will explore:

  • Social Media Spear Phishing - what it is and why dealerships are particularly susceptible.
  • How cyber crooks can obtain and build familiarity with specific dealership employees and in the process, provide entry into your systems.
  • Steps you can take to reduce the risk and prevent cyber intrusions.
  • The importance of educating your employees to the dangers of Social Media Spear Phishing.

New Spear Phishing Threat! Reduce the Risk of an Attack at Your Dealership

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