New Trends in Automotive Sales Force Management

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: April 11, 2013
Presenter: Steve Nickelsen
Program Length: 90 minutes

The impact of the massive Generation "Y" is already making itself evident in your showroom. Adjust to the demands and preferences of Gen Y to attract and keep the best of this generational cohort.

Those who rely on old "command & control" strategies in the showroom will more than likely find themselves in a constant battle to recruit, train, compensate and manage the sales force of today and certainly of tomorrow.

Gen "Y" is having an impact today and it will only grow more intense as this generational cohort (80 million strong) dominates our culture and especially our business and management practices.

Visit with Steve Nickelsen as he examines the three main concerns of thinking auto dealers and sales managers. How to recruit, compensate and manage "Gen Y" sales staff.

You will learn:


  • Why "percentage of the gross" is not working as well as it used to
  • How you can balance the needs of newer "Gen Y" sales staff with the very different needs and expectations of older (mostly Boomers) staff members
  • Exactly what does motivate Gen Y and how does this differ from showroom management
  • Why this cohort does not respond to traditional "Help Wanted" ads - and some examples of what does work
  • Why this generational cohort may pose the most significant challenge to car dealers in decades

New Trends in Automotive Sales Force Management

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