Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Dealership

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Workshop Info: 
Thursday, January 25 at 1pm Eastern/ Noon Central/ 11am Mountain/ 10am Pacific
Featuring: Charlie Feuss J.D.
Program Length: 60 Minutes

We can credit raunchy business leaders, entertainers and politicians for creating the “#MeToo” movement. Question: Is there a pattern of similar abuse within your business?

Many habitual abusers have relied on intimidation and career control to hide their bad acts. But today, with the mighty and famous falling on a regular basis, fear of the abused has all but disappeared.

Most will judge this to be a good development… prompting a new awareness and respect for each other. But this new awakening also brings with it a need for all businesses, and especially car dealers, to reevaluate company policies and practices. How to prevent becoming a “#metoo” target.

Charlie will focus on:

  • A complete understanding of what Sexual Harassment is and is not
  • A review of the legal standards and principles that apply
  • How to deal with allegations in your place of business
  • What types of prevention and training are recommended
  • Recommended changes in company policies and hiring practices
  • How to help create a positive, harassment-free culture

Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Dealership

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