Reconcile Differences Between the Sales/CRM Gross and the Accounting Gross

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: February 26, 2015
Presenter Sandi Jerome
Program Length: 60 Minutes

How to Reconcile the Differences and educate each other to reduce misunderstanding, mistrust and sometimes all-out inter-departmental warfare.

Accounting is guided by the financial statement. Sales is more interested in CRM data and their own commission tally sheets. The difference between the two often leads to misunderstanding, mistrust and sometimes arguments.

The scene gets played out every month in some dealerships. Sales Managers frustrated and angry, feeling that Accounting is cheating them out of their hard-earned commissions. Controllers and Accounting Staff indignant that their Financial Statement summaries are not trusted and accepted.

Visit with Sandi Jerome as she identifies why these misunderstanding persist and what you can do to educate all parties about the very real concerns of each other.

You will learn:


  • True differences between the Accounting Gross and the Sales/CRM Gross
  • Ways to prevent/overcome these differences in reporting
  • Top 5 Ways you "Lose" gross
  • All about "Adjusted Selling Gross" 
  • Understanding Variable Expenses
  • How to use the data to improve Net Profit - how to control Variable Expenses
  • How to get Sales and Accounting on the same page!

Reconcile Differences Between the Sales/CRM Gross and the Accounting Gross

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