Sales Managers: 5 Surefire Quick Fixes for Immediate Profit Improvement

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: Thursday May 21, 2015
Presenter: Steve Nickelsen of Nickelsen Partners
Program Length: 80 Minutes


Learn the Top 5 improvements that most Sales Mgrs can employ today to grow the bottom line… right now! The Low-Hanging Fruit is just begging to be picked!

This session is specifically for Sales Managers!

Just about every industry expert and consultant has a list of "go-to" items to employ to immediately bring additional profit to the bottom line.

In this series of workshops, our experts will outline for you the 5 Top Fixes that are almost always easy to employ… providing immediate positive results.

Join Steve Nickelsen as he reveals his Top 5 Fixes for Sales Managers…from all variable departments.

You will learn:


  • How to increase the number daily appointments from salespeople
  • How to increase prospect sales efficiency from sales calls and Internet leads
  • How to increase the percentage of first time showroom prospects that buy
  • How to maximize the number of unsold prospects that return to buy
  • How to find more used cars that will sell on your used car lot

Sales Managers: 5 Surefire Quick Fixes for Immediate Profit Improvement

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