The Exceptional Service Advisor

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Featuring: Don Tipton
Length: 65 Minutes

Get the Right Person in the All-Important Service Advisor Position… Arguably the Most Significant "Profit Impact Player" on your Team!

Two reasons to focus on the Service Advisor Position:

Everyone know that Service Advisors see more dealership customers than anyone else and therefore have the greatest opportunity to win friends… or make mortal enemies… of your customers.
Service Advisors have a huge impact on the bottom line with high bottom line "flow through" potential for the entire store… according to noted GM Trainer, Jeff Sacks!

Yet it remains a troublesome position for fill successfully. Do your advisors measure up? How do you find and recruit those who will excel in this role. DealersEdge Contributor and noted Service Expert, Don Tipton, will offer his ideal profile of what it takes to be an Exceptional Service Advisor.

Learn their Habits and Practices:

  • What makes the Best Service Advisors stand out from their peers
  • Just how much are top Service Advisors worth to the dealership both in reputation and bottom line profits
  • What motivates top performing Service Advisors - are they self-driven or do they need the manager's "touch" to make it all work?
  • A common set of practices that the Best Service Advisors follow every day and with every customer!

The Exceptional Service Advisor

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