Top 10 Digital Marketing Mistakes for Auto Dealers

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: April 9, 2015
Presenter: Nan Mossey
Program Length: 80 Minutes


Digital Marketing in dealerships… as soon as you get the process set everything changes again… and then again! Discover the Top 10 Mistakes currently in play and how to turn it all to your advantage!

Change has always been the name of the game in the car business. It just comes faster these days and especially in the realm of digital marketing. 

In this environment of rapid change (most of it for the better), many dealerships are working on a set of assumptions that may no longer apply. Nan Mossey is an expert in the field of digital marketing… especially for car dealers… and offers her insights.

Nan will highlight the Top 10 Digital Marketing Mistakes… errors of commission as well as omission… and offer suggestions on how you can identify and act on the opportunity each "oops" represents.

Discover the common mistakes others are making by:


  • Overlooking your most important profit center
  • Capturing the lead, but losing the sale
  • Being camera shy? It’s costing you a fortune
  • Not using email effectively to build existing customer relationships
  • Not marketing to the other 80%?
  • Ignoring Reputation Management
  • Staying in your rut. New ideas bring new leads!

Top 10 Digital Marketing Mistakes for Auto Dealers

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