Using Benchmarks to Drive Improved Dealership and Departmental Results

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Workshop Info:


Presenter: Phil Kent: CPA and Partner at Michael Silver & Company CPAs
Original Air Date: November 15, 2012
Program Length: 110 minutes


An examination of benchmarking for both financial and non-financial dealership managers.

Just about everyone uses benchmarks to some degree in their profession. When you just compare your results or experience with peers; this is a simple form of benchmarking. Yet nothing provokes more discussion among dealership managers than questions about what the benchmarks should be and how they should be interpreted.

Benchmarking is a much more sophisticated exercise in both the calculation and application to your dealership and/or your specific dealership department.

Join us for this Webinar as 30-year automotive CPA, Phil Kent outlines the basic, as well as more advanced methods for using benchmarking as a critical profitability management tool.

You will learn:


  • About "past-year", "competitor" and "industry standard" benchmarks - similarities and differences
  • About "cross-dealership", "departmental" and "expense benchmarks"
  • How some benchmarks that are seldom used, yet important to the goal
  • How to use "top end" benchmarks to identify areas of weakness
  • How to compute and compare critical benchmarks in the dealership
  • How to dig deeper when benchmark results indicate a need or weakness

Using Benchmarks to Drive Improved Dealership and Departmental Results

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