What Dealers, GMs and Controllers Need to Know About the Parts Dept!

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Workshop Info:


Presenter: Mark Payne of Total Dealer Solutions
Original Air Date: October 4, 2012
Program Length: 90 minutes


How to get dealership 'top management' and the parts manager on the same page!

Very often dealers, GMs and controllers use a different set of metrics to evaluate the performance of the parts department and the investment in inventory.

Parts managers often view their inventory as a selling tool and relative to the support offered the service department and overall customer satisfaction. Good parts managers realize that hitting the financial performance benchmarks can sometimes be counter to the overall benefit to the dealership.

Who is correct? Well both. This webinar offers a frank discussion of what dealers, GMs and controllers need to know about the parts department and how parts managers can better present their department to top management.

You will learn:


  • Common reasons for the actual value of parts on the shelf not agreeing with the General Ledger
  • What is really means when the inventory show Non-Stock (NS) parts with an on-hand value
  • How to calculate true parts department "inventory efficiency"
  • The difference between 'calculated' and 'technical' obsolescence and why it matters

What Dealers, GMs and Controllers Need to Know About the Parts Dept!

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