What Fixed Ops Mgrs Need to Know about the Financial Statement

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: April 18, 2013
Presenter: Brooke Samples of Profit Blueprints, LLC
Program Length: 90 minutes


No one has more control of reaching higher Net Profits than you, the fixed operations managers, do. Reach the Net Profits you desire by learning how to quickly analyze your own monthly financial statement and to then take the necessary actions. 

Over her career as a Dealer Group Controller and as Consultant with Lloyd Schiller’s Dealer Service Corporation and NCM Associates, Brooke Samples has analyzed over 14,000 financial statements. In this Webinar, she will show you how to interpret your information, and then how to apply real world actions based on the results. 

You’ll learn to: 


  • Identify the key profitability accounts for Fixed Operations
  • Calculate your Profit Potential using benchmarks and simple formulas, plus the actions to take to make large improvements
  • Understand how some accounts may impact positively or negatively other accounts
  • Recognize when Too Good is Too Good 
  • Determine if you are staffed for maximum profits and for future growth
  • Calculate the days of supply for key assets and actions to take when they are out of line
  • Create your own monthly tracking spreadsheet
  • Prioritize your action plans to set record Net Profits

What Fixed Ops Mgrs Need to Know about the Financial Statement

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