What's New in Pre-Employment Screening…Background Checks and Interviewing

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: March 27, 2014
Presenter: Charles Feuss J.D.
Program Length: 98 minutes

Rules are being tightened. What is permissible and what is not when checking out perspective employees? Know where to not go to stay out of trouble.

The Internet opens up all sorts of ways to learn about prospective hires. But these new screening tools also carry significant legal risks that every dealership manager needs to be aware of.

Employment law specialist Charles Feuss will examine what you can, and cannot ask…what you can, and cannot investigate…when checking out those applying for a position.

You Will Learn:


  • When social media research can be problematic
  • How the Fair Credit Reporting Act impacts the hiring process
  • Questions to ask…as well as those to avoid
  • How far you can go in considering criminal records
  • About how to use (or not use) workers comp, bankruptcies and military service
  • What government agencies are engaged in enforcing these new rules

What's New in Pre-Employment Screening…Background Checks and Interviewing

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