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Protect Your Service Department’s Successful
Process with Carefully Drafted Checklists!


Checklists for Highly Effective Service Managers & Service Advisors

                  “In business, the secret to success is that there is No
                 Secret. Success is the routine execution of basic blocking

                 and tackling.”


This DealersEdge Guide supplies the basics of operating a
successful dealership service department via the regular
and through adherence to your success process.

Use these checklists to ensure that you and your team stay
on plan to succeed Year after Year.

Included in this 59 Page DealersEdge Guide:


Checklists for Highly Productive Service Managers

  • “PDCA” – Plan Do Check Adjust 

  • “Big 4” Measures of Service Success

  • Daily Checklists

  • Weekly Checklists

  • Mid-Month/Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Checklists

  • Checklist Templates for Service Managers

Job Descriptions for the Position of Service Manager

Checklists for Highly Productive Service Advisors


  • Service Advisor’s 6 Touchpoints

  • Daily SA Checklists

  • Checklist for Dispatching

  • Checklist for Pre-Invoicing

  • Checklist for Customer Pick-up

  • Weekly SA Checklist

  • Monthly SA Checklist

  • Checklist Templates for Service Advisors

Job Descriptions for the Position of Service Advisor

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