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Featuring: Brooke Samples of Profit Blueprints LLC

Popular Skill Workshop Returns with Revisions & Additions in Response to Attendee Questions & Concerns

Reading, understanding and analyzing patterns in your financial statements is the key skill of top performing dealership management. If you are just looking at a couple of ratios or target numbers, you are missing a lot… a lot of opportunity!

Brooke will show you:

What happens when you sell something… follow the transaction through the Financial Statement. What happens? Why?
What happens when you buy something… how does that evidence itself in the Financial Statement & why it is important.
Best practices for comparing the Financial Statement to your departmental reports and DOC… why they are different… when you should and should not worry.
How to keep the Financial Statement accurate with daily self-audits… nothing worse than managing with corrupt data.
How to read the Balance Sheet Accounts & how this knowledge can impact your performance.
When and Why to compare your Statement to Benchmarks & Target

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