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Seeking the Best Organizational Design for Your Auto Group Future

Featuring: Alan Haig of The Haig Partners

Air Date: March 24, 2022

1pm Eastern/ 12pm Central / 11am Mountain / 10am Pacific

Program Length: 60 minutes 



Seeking the Best Organizational Design for Your Auto Group Future Dealership M&A activity continues to be robust, resulting in the continued growth and importance of the “Auto Group.”

In 2020 NADA Data indicated that there were 16,623 individual dealership locations in the U.S. And it is more than clear that there are enough buyers and sellers to keep this rate of retail consolidation fueled into the future.

The number of individual entities controlling 6-10 dealerships was 4.3% of the toal in 2020 up from 2.7% in 2011.

Key take-away… smaller auto groups are growing larger with many owner/dealers looking to be players in the new retail landscape… either as Buyers or as Sellers.

Auto Group Organization Models? As more and more dealers expand to more and more locations, this can put a strain on their institutional knowledge and experience of success. So… what will work best for you?

Alan explores:

  • What are the various Models that Auto Groups are using to manage their growing enterprises?

  • What are the key similarities and differences between a centralized command and control model and one that employs a decentralized/local decision-making approach? Other models?

  • How can your choice of Organizational Model impact the future value of your Enterprise?

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